8 Team-Themed Treats Perfect for the Big Game

Make these colorful snacks to cheer on your favorite team.

It's time to start planning your big game party. In between all the buffalo chicken dip and nachos, you'll want to some team-themed grub for your favorite fans to snack on.

Whether you’re rooting for the New England Patriots or the Los Angeles Rams, there are endless ways to infuse your Game Day bash with some edible team spirit. From cocktails to candy mixes, here’s everything you need to make a tablescape worthy of a championship!


Candy Mixes


New England Patriots

Add some tricolored flair to your table with these crackling cocktails. Rim your glasses with lemon juice and press them into a plate of Pop Rocks for a jolt of fun during half-time.

Los Angeles Rams

Hydrate like a player with these Gatorade, limeade and tequila-infused cocktails. For an additional nod to the Rams, garnish each glass with a gold-colored orange slice.


New England Patriots

This swirly cheesecake is bound to make you the MVP. To make the marbleized texture, separate your batter in 3 pans, adding blue coloring to one and red to another.

Los Angeles Rams

Snack in style with these zesty lemon and blueberry cupcakes. Break out a platter of them during the closing minutes of the game for a lively and sweet rallying cry.

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