Ina's Genius Hack for Making Sauteed Brussels Sprouts

You're one common kitchen appliance and only four ingredients away from a 5-star dish.

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Being the lover of Brussels sprouts that I am, this is a little embarrassing to admit, but here we go: I'd never shredded them before. I've made them for years, don't get me wrong. But I would always roast or saute them, and I typically reserved them for Thanksgiving, which is pretty much the only time I'd have extra guests (who aren't picky 7-year-olds) to enjoy them with me.

The lack of Brussels bounty is almost inexcusable for a Food Network editor, especially one who follows a plant-based diet and has three kids whom she's trying to teach to eat their vegetables. My only explanation is it was all done out of fear.

So, when I saw Ina Garten's Sauteed Shredded Brussels Sprouts class on the Food Network Kitchen app, I was immediately curious. The class was not even 10 minutes long — how could she shred those sprouts in such a short amount of time? Better yet, the description said the recipe would turn even the biggest skeptics (like tiny people, Ina?) into fans.

Ina listed her reasons for loving this recipe in the beginning of the class, and as soon as I heard her say "four ingredients" I knew she was speaking my love language.

This recipe came to her one night when she ran out of time (hel-lo, story of my life!). She needed a fast solution, and she found it in her food processor. Lightbulb! It never occurred to me to pull out my large slicing disc and send the Brussels sprouts down the tube, but I am so thankful Ina opened my eyes.

"That's pretty easy, right?" Ina asked, only minutes into the class.

It took literally seconds to fill an entire large saute pan with the shredded veggies, and they cooked up to crisp-tender perfection in about five minutes. I can happily say I've found my new favorite recipe for Brussels sprouts, and I won't be afraid to make them on even the busiest weeknight. But the best part of all is that two out of three kids asked for seconds.

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