How to Hack a Birthday Cake

Saving time has never been sweeter.

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It starts off with the best intentions — you’re scrolling through your socials and see a super-cute cake that would be so great for an upcoming birthday party. You think to yourself, “It’s not that hard. I can totally do this.” Flash forward to the big day and you’re stranded in the kitchen, coated with frosting and struggling to assemble a cake that definitely doesn’t resemble the real thing.

It’s ok, we’ve all been there. And luckily for all of us, Lasheeda Perry is here to help. She used the Food Network Kitchen app to teach us how to turn a simple store-bought cake into a shiny, sparkling unicorn — and in less than 15 minutes, too!

Here’s how Lasheeda does it: First, she paints an ice cream cone with gold sprinkles to make the unicorn horns. Next, she cuts marshmallows on a bias to use as the ears. Her little secret? Cutting marshmallows can be sticky, so spray your kitchen shears with cooking spray first! Of course, a unicorn is not a unicorn without a long, pretty mane. Surprisingly, that beautiful mane doesn’t require tons of fondant or little bowls of dyed frosting. Instead, Lasheeda simply braids and twirls some multicolored candy ropes and drapes them around the cake.

The best part about Lasheeda’s mind-blowing cake hack? It’s completely customizable to the birthday guest of honor. If they’re a fiend for anything pink, use pastel sanding sugar for the ears and horns. If they prefer their unicorn on the darker side, switching colors is no problem at all. Oh, and if you can’t get enough of the unicorn’s sassy wink, Lasheeda has a trick for that, too — but you’ll have to tune into the class to find out.

If you want even more baking tips and tricks, check out all of Lasheeda’s classes on the Food Network Kitchen app. She’ll show you how to hack a pound cake, decorate store-bought cookies, upgrade caramel apples and more!

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