This Is the Coolest Pie-Crust Presentation

It's the friendship bracelet of pie preparations.

March 13, 2020

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Whether you’re gearing up for Pi Day or a cathartic weekend bake-fest, pie is never a bad baking project to plan for.

In lieu of a basket-woven lattice, Dan Langan has just the right upper-crust presentation. On the Food Network Kitchen app, he demonstrates how to make a beautiful Braided Lattice Pie Crust.

Dan is the master of brilliant baked goods, and this is no exception. He makes it seem downright easy to prep a pie that looks, as he puts it, like a "friendship bracelet that you made with your best friend."

You can use the technique on your favorite top-crust pie, using any favorite buttery pie dough.

In the 10-minute class, he shows how to crimp the edges with an easy, attractive crimp, then make the dazzling top.

Though it can work on any pie, Dan recommends choosing a filling with a contrasting color. He prepared a holiday pie, using cran-apple filling, where the cranberries present a nice colorful base, but says that blueberry pie would be the perfect vividly colored filling to add background color for what he calls the "pop of interest" here.

Once your strips are not just braided, but woven into a proper lattice, Dan adds the budding cherry on top — two dough roses.

Easy as pie never sounded so spot-on!

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