Molly Yeh’s Halva Magic Bars Are the Secret to Mess-Free Baking

Buh-bye, dirty dishes.

March 17, 2020

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Halva Magic Bars, as seen on Food Network Kitchen Live.

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Anyone who loves to bake knows just how magical it feels to transform staple pantry ingredients like flour, eggs, sugar and butter into irresistible goodies. Anyone who loves to bake also knows that this magic is often accompanied by a sink full of dirty dishes: mixing bowls, baking pans, spatulas and more.

However, baking doesn’t have to involve dirtying up every tool in your kitchen. In her Halva Magic Bars class on the Food Network Kitchen app, Molly Yeh proves that it is, in fact, possible to end your baking session with mouth-watering treats and a clean kitchen. Her secret? Building everything in the same pan! Here’s how she does it:

Molly starts her Middle Eastern-inspired halva magic bars by melting down a stick a butter. Instead of melting it in the microwave or in a pot over the stove (read: more dirty dishes), she places the butter in a pan lined with parchment paper and melts it in the oven.

As the butter melts, Molly preps the rest of her ingredients. She crushes graham crackers in a zip-top bag and chops up dark chocolate, toasted pistachios and halva (a Middle Eastern sesame candy). Once the butter has melted, she layers her ingredients in the pan: graham crackers first, then the dark chocolate, halva and pistachios.

To ensure that all these rich, nutty ingredients stick together in the oven, Molly binds them by pouring a can of sweetened condensed milk on top. She also advises flavoring the sweetened condensed milk with vanilla extract and rosewater. To avoid dirtying another bowl, she makes room in the can by drizzling some of the sweetened condensed milk over the halva magic bars. That way, she can mix the vanilla extract and rosewater straight into the sweetened condensed milk leftover in the can without any possible spillage.

By the time Molly’s halva magic bars pop out of the oven, you have a chewy, easy-to-make dessert and, better yet, a mess-free baking station.

An encore of Molly’s Halva Magic Bars class will be available on the Food Network Kitchen app this Thursday, March 19. Plus, Molly and other chefs have tons of on-demand classes available on the app when you download and sign up today!

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