These Make-Ahead Muffins Will Inspire You to Meal Prep

They're the all-in-one breakfast you've been craving.

April 03, 2020

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Roast a bunch of vegetables ahead of time for easier weeknight dinners? Can do. Cut up fruit so it's always at the ready for snacking? Check. But breakfast? My elementary meal-prep session always falls short when it comes to the first meal of the day. Not exactly the smartest start.

I love breakfast, and I'm always hungry when I wake up, regardless of the time. My husband, however, eases into his day, preferring to take his "breakfast" when I'm already gearing up for lunch.

The Put-an-Egg-in-It Ham and Cheese Corn Muffins class, hosted by culinary producer Sarah Holden, on the Food Network Kitchen app just might be the best-of-all-worlds breakfast for both of us: I can eat a muffin at home, after a nice 5 a.m. run, and he can easily take his to-go for midmorning consumption.

Sarah starts with already hard-boiled eggs, which give these muffins extra staying power; how to hide the eggs in the beautiful cornmeal batter was, I confess, the entire reason I was drawn to this class. And now that I know the secret, I'm a bit embarrassed.

Use a giant muffin tin. Yes, it is that simple! The hearty, ham-dotted batter is thick enough that all you need to do is add some to the muffin liners, stand the egg up, then scoop more batter on top. Voila! You'll have golden-brown muffins with perfectly cooked eggs as the hidden treasure on the inside in only 35-40 minutes.

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