Stale Bread and Potato Chips Is the Pantry Recipe Solution You Need Right Now

This Food Network Kitchen class makes it work!

April 15, 2020
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We go through a lot of bread in my house. Whether we’re toasting it in the morning, pairing it with a slice of cheese and prosciutto in the afternoon, or using it to soak up a plate of pasta sauce in the evening, bread is always on the menu. As much as we all love eating it though, I’ll freely admit that we sometimes buy way too much of it.

Though freezing is a great way to combat this problem, freezer space is a luxury we don’t usually have and we often have no other choice but to stand idly by and watch as our fluffy ciabatta, pillow-y focaccia and rustic country white turns brittle, crumby and all-but inedible.

Dan Langan’s Creme Brulee Bread Pudding class on the Food Network Kitchen app has given me — and my bread — new hope, though. Having just recently jumped on the bread pudding bandwagon, I knew that if there was any way to give my stale bread new life it was by transforming it into an ultra-comforting custardy dessert. And who better than one of my all-time favorite Food Network chefs to teach me how to do just that?!

The most important thing to note about Dan’s approach to this bread pudding recipe is that you can use a combination of whatever dried out breads you have on hand — croissants, challah, white bread, you name it! — to make it. You won’t need to make any unnecessary trips to the grocery store if sandwich bread is all you have at home. As long as you dice your bread and soak it in your custard mixture for at least 10 minutes, your bread pudding is sure to be a complete success!

I also love Dan’s unconventional approach to making the bread pudding’s irresistible creme brulee topping. If you've ever had creme brulee before, you already know that the very best thing about it is its caramelized top layer. Now take that sugary topping and add in crushed up barbecue potato chips and a dash of paprika. Yes — you read that correctly!

Though it may seem strange, this combination of flavors is a creative way to infuse your bread pieces with a delicious sweet-meets-spicy warmth. It’s also an easy way to give your bread pudding two textures in one — a creamy one in the form of your bread and a crunchy one in the form of your golden-brown potato chip crumble.

So, the next time you find yourself fretting over stale bread, give this unique bread pudding recipe a try because like Dan says, “You just can’t go wrong with some milk and sugar.”

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