Everything You Need to Know About Live Classes on Food Network Kitchen

Cook along with your favorite chefs in real time, ask them all the questions you have, and so much more.

April 27, 2020

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Kerri Brewer

Get a Premium Subscription to the Food Network Kitchen App

Download Food Network Kitchen to sign up and get access to live and on-demand cooking classes, in-app grocery ordering, meal planning, an organized place to save all your recipes and much more.

The Food Network Kitchen app is far more than a place to find great recipes: it’s a new way to watch food TV and interact with your favorite Food Network chefs. Not only does it give you access to your favorite shows like "Barefoot Contessa" or "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives," but you can also take cooking classes with Food Network stars on everything from bread-making to easy weeknight dinners — there are literally thousands of on-demand classes to choose from. One of the most unique features, though? The live classes.

Haven't watched a live class on Food Network Kitchen before? Here's the premise: you cook along with Food Network stars and chef-instructors in real-time. Plus, you can submit questions that the host or our culinary experts can answer live during the class (more on that below!). Read on for a complete list of what you need to know about live classes on the app.

Plus some news: if you own a Fire TV or Fire tablet you can now get a complimentary 1-year subscription to Food Network Kitchen, courtesy of Amazon. Just open the app on your Amazon device to actvitate the subscription — read more about the details here. Terms and conditions apply.

You can plan your class schedule up to two weeks in advance.

The full live-class schedule is available two weeks out, so you can pick and choose breakfast, lunch and dinner-time classes that work with your own schedule. To find the schedule, scroll right on the cards at the very top of the "Explore" page on the app, or hit the "Classes" button at the bottom of your screen, mosey down to the "upcoming live schedule" section and hit "full schedule."

Don’t forget to set a class reminder.

While you’re perusing the live class schedule, hit the "remind me" button next to any classes you plan on watching. You'll receive a reminder email a day ahead of time and a push notification an hour in advance.

Text the whole grocery list to yourself (or order groceries directly from the app).

Shop ahead of time so you have everything at your fingertips when the class starts. Click into a class you want to take, and all the necessary ingredients will display on the main screen. Check off everything that you need to buy, and press the "send ingredients" button to email or text yourself a list. If you choose, you can also press "shop ingredients" and your grocery list will automatically populate into a grocery delivery service near you.

Make sure you prepare the "do ahead" section before the class begins.

Although the instructors will be chopping and measuring all the ingredients in real time along with you, it’s important to complete any tasks that appear under the "do ahead" section, so you're ready to go at the beginning of class. Some recipes don’t have any "do ahead" steps, but others ask you to complete small tasks like preheating your oven. This way, you won’t fall behind. We also recommend pulling out all the required tools — there's a handy list for you for each class, too.

During the class, ask all the questions you have.

Hit the "Q&A" button at the bottom of your screen to type and submit any questions you have. Your questions will be answered during the live class either by the instructor on air, or one of our trained culinary moderators in the chat box.

Afterwards, rate, review and save the class.

If you loved the class and want to be able to find it quickly again, tap the banner icon on the top right corner of the class screen at the conclusion of the class. You can also add your own notes to the class by typing into the "add note" field next to the ingredients. To find your saved recipes tap the "profile" button at the bottom right of your screen — they’ll populate on your profile.

24 hours after a class has aired, it will be available to rewatch on-demand.

If you missed a live class (or want to rewatch a class), they’re published on the app within 24 hours of the original air date. Also included: a transcript of all the questions and answers asked during the class.

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Terms and Conditions

Starting 4/27/20, customers who own or purchase an Amazon Fire TV device or Fire tablet are eligible to receive a 1-year complimentary subscription to Food Network Kitchen. Only new subscribers or existing subscribers via Amazon in app purchase are eligible. Cannot be combined with any other offer, free trial or promotion. Must be redeemed by signing up via an eligible Amazon device by 4/26/21. Complimentary subscription automatically converts to a paid subscription on an annual or monthly basis unless canceled during complimentary subscription period. To cancel go to www.amazon.com/Appstoresubscriptions. Only available in the U.S. Offer is non-transferable and may not be resold.

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