This Halloween Course Will Help You Celebrate the Holiday in a Whole New Way

Buddy shows off a few tricks for making some fun, Halloween-themed treats.

October 26, 2020
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When I was growing up, trick-or-treating was just as much a rite of passage as it was a fun activity. When I was younger, my parents would tag along as I traveled from house to house — and they most definitely stole a few treats from my stash! But then, I reached a certain age and finally had the option of going out with my friends, trick-or-treating until well after dark. For so many of us, Halloween was the ultimate kids’ holiday — one that surpassed even Christmas or Thanksgiving because nothing was sweeter than a pillowcase full of candy at the end of the night.

For a lot of us, we’re either parents now or adults experiencing many grown-up firsts like moving out, paying off college loans and starting our first real job — and it’s been a while since we last experienced the rush that comes with a successful night of trick-or-treating. And, while Halloween may be looking a little different this year, I’m here to tell you that it can still be just as exciting as those nights you and your friends went door-to-door, thanks to Buddy Valastro’s Halloween Course on the Food Network Kitchen app.

Buddy’s spook-tacular, 10-class course covers everything from easy desserts creations to really impressive (and advanced) cakes. There’s truly a project for everyone.

Buddy says that one of his favorite recipes is his Monster Popcorn Balls (pictured above). He starts the class by taking a huge bite out of a popcorn ball — so you already know it’s going to be fun! He says, “This is something that I love to do at home with my kids. It’s just a couple of ingredients and you get so much BANG for your buck here!” And he’s not kidding; you only need 4 ingredients to make these creepy-cute, kid-friendly creations.



Feeling brave? Try Buddy’s festive Striped Halloween Candy Cake instead. It’s all about learning a new technique. You need a few special tools (like a rotating cake stand and a cake comb) but you can save time and effort by using store-bought cake. Once you top it off with your favorite Halloween candies it might just remind you of a candy bowl on Halloween night! It’s like Buddy says “I remember after Halloween my dad would take down the candy bowl and we would sit there, me and him, and chow down. So many great memories.”

Ready to give some of the projects in Buddy’s course a try? You can find them all on the Food Network Kitchen app!

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