Carla Hall’s Homemade Cereal Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

She’s even mixing up 4 fun flavors of oat milk to go with it.

April 30, 2021

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Let’s be real. As a kid, the best part of going grocery shopping with your parents was taking a trip down the cereal aisle. Sure, the junk food section that held the chips, cookies, and candy may seem like the more obvious choice, but cereal was the sweet treat that had our parents convinced it was healthy (ok, healthy-ish) because it was eaten for breakfast. I remember skipping down the long aisle with my arms reached out, touching each colorful box of cereal while trying to choose between Lucky Charms and Cocoa Puffs. Cereal was just that fun.

In Carla Hall’s Best Homemade Cereal and DIY Oat Milk class on the Food Network Kitchen app, she brings that fun back with her delicious and nutritious version. Instead of an overly sugary, artificially colored cereal, she shows how easy it is to make her homemade wheat flakes and gluten-free oat flakes — along with flavored milk. She makes vanilla, chocolate, berry and even peanut butter and jelly oat milk for her cereal. So fun! She says, “If you like fruity cereal, get freeze-dried fruits and you can have that sweetness without any added sugar.”

If you make a big-batch of cereal, Carla recommends storing in an air-tight container at room temperature so that it can last up to two weeks. Made to much? We suggest shipping a couple of bundles to friends and family to enjoy. This cereal makes for a sweet gift — and something they’ll enjoy munching on all day: Carla says this cereal makes a great topping for ice cream and that it will add some nutty crunch to salads.

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