This Easy Zucchini Loaf Will Make You Forget All About Banana Bread

It’s the must-make recipe of the summer.

August 08, 2020

I used to think there were only a few of us out there — but over the years I’ve found more and more people who hate bananas as much as I do! Ever since I was a little girl, I refused that very fruit whenever my mom tried to offer it as a snack. Something about the smell, the taste and even the texture bothered me. And, it turns out that I’m not alone! There are lots of us who don’t like how squishy it is or how the aroma seems to linger for hours after its been eaten. (And let’s not forget to mention how horrible one’s breath is after eating a banana.) So, I’m not crazy! At least not that crazy. 😂

The only problem is that, over the past couple of months, I’ve noticed so many people baking at home. And, what are they making? Banana bread. I see it everywhere on Instagram and Snapchat; people are posting their beautiful loafs and displaying them all over my newsfeed. This one trend even makes banana bread look extra appetizing. I’m not going to lie; all these lovely loaves were making me feel a little left out. So, when Elena Besser had a class on Zucchini Bread with Greek Yogurt Glaze on the Food Network Kitchen app, I knew I had finally found a delicious alternative.

Elena’s class makes it easy to whip a moist and delicate loaf. With just a few easy tips she takes “a traditional zucchini (which you think would be a savory food) and makes it nice and sweet”. My favorite bit of advice? Elena suggests grating your zucchini over a towel, to soak up any of the extra water that the veggie is holding on to. It’s important to take out as much water as you can so your loaf won’t be too dense when it’s baking. Elena even advises pressing down on the towel and wringing it out — with the zucchini wrapped up inside — to squeeze out any excess. She says, “This is the key to have a nice, light-and-fluffy zucchini bread”.

The best part of this recipe? You can swap out the veggie with almost anything! If zucchini’s not your fave, Elena suggests carrots instead. The recipe is that flexible because it’s formed on a standard 1-2-3 ratio. “One-part oil, two-parts sugar and three-parts flour,” Elena says. “And you can use that ratio anyway you want to make a quick bread or quick loaf.”

Finally, top your loaf off with a homemade Greek yogurt glaze — letting it drip down on each side in a natural way — for a loaf that’s just as photo-worthy (and delicious) as any banana bread!

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