5 Delicious Ways to Eat an Apple a Day This Fall

You’ll apple-solutely love 'em.

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Photo by: Nicole Franzen

Nicole Franzen

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Though we can’t deny that autumn and pumpkin spice go hand-in-hand, fall was known as “apple season” wayyy before Starbucks ever released their cult-favorite latte. And for good reason too. Not only is apple picking an essential fall activity, apples themselves can be used as an ingredient to make just about any sweet or savory dish. From comforting grilled cheese sandwiches to quick and easy skillet cakes, here are just some of the delicious ways our Food Network Kitchen app chefs are transforming their Granny Smiths, Pink Ladies, Honey Crisps and more this season.

Fall Apple Skillet Cake (pictured above)

Though we hate to admit it, there’s only so many slices of apple pie a person can eat before their taste buds start craving something new. Thankfully, cookbook author and baker Odette Williams has a deliciously creative way for you to still get your apple fix this season, minus that tricky and time-consuming pie crust. “It’s like a tart without all the work,” Odette says about this unforgettable milk and honey-flavored skillet cake. Though Odette uses Honey Crisps during the class, she notes that you can use a variety of apples to create the cake’s elegant and caramelized topping. Talk about the apple of your eye.

Anne Burrell features Fontina and Mozzarella Grilled Cheese with Bacon and Honeycrisp Apples, as seen on Food Network Kitchen Live.

Photo by: Brian David

Brian David

“There’s nothing like taking something that we all know that’s a comfort food — that’s like a hug from the inside — and turning up the volume on it,” chef Anne Burrell says about this elevated and mouthwatering bacon and apple-stuffed grilled cheese sandwich. Anne sprinkles lots of expert tips and tricks throughout the class like how grating your cheese gives it a more uniform melt later on and how you should always use leftover bacon grease to grease your griddle before adding your assembled sandwiches to it.

Ever wish you could take all the lovely coziness of a crisp fall day and channel it into a sweet treat? Thanks to these buttery Apple Spice Cookies from Samantha Seneviratne you can! To start, follow Samantha’s lead and melt your butter before adding it into your batter to give your cookies a chewier texture and a flatter dimension. Samantha also uses packed brown sugar and maple syrup to infuse her cookies with a molasses-like hint of smokiness that’ll instantly remind you of a crackling fireplace. If your chopped apple slices look like they might be too big when you place them on top of your cookie dough balls, fret not; they’ll expand as they bake, allowing everything to come together as easy as (apple) pie.

Beverly Weidner's Apple Ham and Cheddar Biscuit Cups, as seen on Food Network Kitchen.

Photo by: Lauren Volo

Lauren Volo

If you’ve struggled to get kids to eat apples in the past, these cheesy and handheld biscuit cups from Bev Weidner might just be the thing to convert them into total apple lovers. Bev begins by caramelizing diced Honey Crisp apples, light brown sugar and cinnamon with melted butter in a skillet. She then adds in briny diced ham and chopped rosemary to infuse all her filling ingredients with an aromatic sweet and savory goodness. Next, Bev rolls out and lightly presses store-bought biscuit dough into the cups of a standard-sized muffin tin, filling each with her apple and ham mixture as she goes along. To finish them off, she tops each one of her buttery biscuit cups with a heaping pile of grated Cheddar cheese and bakes them in the oven until nice and brown. Just trust us — they're golden and delicious.

Erin McDowell features Apple Cinnamon Scones, as seen on Food Network Kitchen Live.

Photo by: Brian David

Brian David

Like peanut butter and jelly, apples and cinnamon are a flavor combination that just work wonders together, especially when used to make these ultra-fragrant scones from Erin McDowell. “When you’re making scones or something baked like this, you could actually use a bruised apple. This is the time to use it because they’re going to get all soft and delicious anyway in the oven,” Erin advises at the very beginning of this class. She also notes that the very best way to add butter into your dough mixture is by running it through your fingers to ensure that each piece gets adequately covered by your dry ingredients. Talk about a handmade treat!

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