Don't Throw Out Your Leftover Halloween Candy

Bake with it instead!

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While we love eating handful after handful of fun-sized chocolate bars, mini peanut butter cups and other classic Halloween candies as much as the next person, there comes a certain point where candy is the very last thing you want to see — or eat — on the days that follow Halloween night. Thankfully, the Food Network Kitchen app is here to help you transform all those chocolatey and nutty leftovers into something completely new with just a few spatula scraps and stand mixer whirls. From loaded chocolate chip cookies to candy-topped brownies, here are three delicious ways to use up all your lingering Halloween candy.

Absolutely anything goes with these candy-packed peanut butter and oatmeal monster cookies from master baker Dan Langan. Though Dan uses a delectable combination of chopped peanut butter cups, colorful chocolate-covered candies, rich toffee bits and mini chocolate chips in his version, he also notes you can make them with everything from milk or dark chocolate, to caramel popcorn to chocolate-covered peanuts or pretzels. “Really anything that’s going to have some great texture and fit with the whole chocolate-peanut butter flavor would be awesome in these cookies,” Dan says. Now all you really need to do is consult your candy bucket.

Christina Lane, Small Batch Brownies as seen on Food Network Kitchen

Photo by: Andrea Patton

Andrea Patton

If you’re concerned about all that sugar your kids (and you) consumed on Halloween night, cookbook author Christina Lane has the perfect way for all of you to still get your after dinner dessert fix without going too over-the-top with this small batch brownie recipe. Christina uses a 9x5 loaf pan to make her fudgy brownies, saying that doing so will give you “two large bakery-sized brownies or four smaller brownies.” This ensures that everyone gets the perfect-sized bite. Don’t forget to top your brownies with some M&Ms or other chocolate-covered candies before placing them in the oven to bake — not only will they have a little extra crunch as a result, it'll also further help dwindle down your candy pile.

You won’t want to miss this brand-new live class from chef Megan Mitchell premiering this Sunday, November 1st, at 8 p.m. EST. In it, Megan will walk you through how to take a few cups of her all-time favorite candy, Reese’s Pieces, and repurpose them to make a delicious batch of Dark Chocolate Reese’s Pieces Cookies. You’ll also use dark cocoa powder and brown sugar to give your batch an intense chocolatey flavor with just the right amount of chewy texture. Sounds like a true match made in heaven to us!

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