Spatchcocking Chicken Is Your New Weeknight Dinner Solution

Cook your chicken faster, and more evenly, with this trick.

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Chicken is an appealing dish because it is so easy to prepare — almost everyone has a go-to chicken recipe they can whip up on a moment’s notice. But, that can also be chicken’s downfall. It has a tendency to feel a bit boring if you’re eating it regularly.

According to Marc Murphy, there is a way to maintain the ease of cooking chicken while also making the whole process a little more fun — and that is spatchcocking it. If you’re not sure what spatchcocking is or think it’s a technique reserved for fancy Thanksgiving preparations, we’re here to help. It’s far easier than you might think and definitely worth the extra step!

Simply put, the method of spatchcocking just means removing the backbone of poultry — whether that be chicken, turkey or duck — and cooking it flat. In Marc’s 30 minute class on the Food Network Kitchen app, the whole process of spatchcocking the chicken only takes roughly two minutes. To start, you use either kitchen shears or a meat cleaver to cut down the backside of the chicken along the bone. If you want, you can take the backbone out, but Marc says he keeps his in to hang on to that desirable flavor. Next, you flip and, in this case, lay it on a bed of veggies before cooking in the oven.

Not only does this method make cook the chicken whole, it also helps it cook evenly. When you’re roasting a whole bird, not all parts of the meat are equally exposed to heat, meaning they won’t cook at the same rate. With spatchcocking, you’re ensuring an even cook throughout. We love that this method means we have another way to make our weekly chicken dinner a little more exciting.

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