James Briscione's Skirt Steak Will Change the Way You Marinate Meat Forever

This simple tip transforms a budget-friendly cut into a Father's Day-worthy dinner.

June 20, 2020

James Briscione's Grill Pan Skirt Steak, as seen on Food Network Kitchen.

Photo by: Lauren Volo

Lauren Volo

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Heads-up: Father's Day is tomorrow! If you don't know what you're making Dad (or other notable father figures in your life) for dinner yet, James Briscione's Father's Day Feast course on the Food Network Kitchen app has you covered; you'll learn how to make an entire meal fit for the grill master, we mean, dad in your life.

First order of business: the main course. If your diner of honor is anything like my dad — and my husband, for that matter — he's craving something hot off the grill. James' Chimichurri Skirt Steak with Grilled Shishitos (pictured above) is sure to impress. When you talk about flavor-to-cost ratio, James says, "skirt steak is off the charts, in a good way." His secret to turning the budget-friendly cut into a high-flavor dinner is his chimichurri marinade — but what you do before you marinate the meat is what matters most. James salts the meat directly before marinating (even though there is salt in the marinade!) to ensure the meat will be well-seasoned. This is something I admit I've never done before, but I definitely will from now on.

James Briscione's Blue Cheese and Bacon Wedge Salad, as seen on Food Network Kitchen.

Photo by: Lauren Volo

Lauren Volo

Add more steakhouse flair to the dinner table with James' wedge salad, complete with a creamy, homemade blue cheese dressing. The dressing is so delicious, in fact, James calls it the star of the salad. And, perhaps best of all, it takes just minutes to whip up.

James Briscione's Juicy Lucy Meatball Burger, as seen on Food Network Kitchen.

Photo by: Lauren Volo

Lauren Volo

Dads who prefer burgers to steak will love James' Juicy Lucy Meatball Burger. He turns a classic meatball into a mozzarella-stuffed burger. Topped with marinara, crispy pancetta and more cheese and served on a garlic bread bun, it's absolutely irresistible.

James Briscione's Watermelon w Grilled Red Onions Mint Leaves Crumbled Feta, as seen on Food Network Kitchen.

Photo by: Lauren Volo

Lauren Volo

For a side that's sweet yet savory, look no further than James' Grilled Watermelon Salad. First, he makes a quick honey-infused white balsamic vinaigrette to use throughout the recipe. It marinates the red onions, then is brushed on the watermelon slices before grilling. He also tosses it with the salad greens. Grilled watermelon slices, charred red onions, salty feta, arugula and mint, and crunchy pistachios have never looked, or tasted, this good.

James Briscione's Old Fashioned Cocktail, as seen on Food Network Kitchen.

Photo by: Lauren Volo

Lauren Volo

To finish off your Father's Day feast, toast Dad with James' favorite cocktail. His Classic Old-Fashioned cocktail is delicious and quick to make, simply stirred together in a large liquid measuring cup. The smoky bourbon, sweet maraschino cherries and zesty orange flavor are sure to make Dad feel the love.

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