This Kid-Friendly Baking Course Includes Some Seriously Fun Recipes

Duff's fun recipes are the perfect family activity for a long weekend at home.

September 23, 2020

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Growing up, the words "long weekend" meant one thing: We were going to bake something delicious. While other kids my age were looking forward to sleeping in or not having any homework, I was practically doing cartwheels to the bookshelf, in search of my mom’s red-and-white checkered "Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook." Yes, I was that excited.

I remember flipping through the tabs along the right-hand side of the book (looking for the ones marked desserts, pies and pastry, candy and cookies) and turning over the glossy, five-ring-bound pages while carefully weighing my options. Long weekends only came around a few times each school year, after all.

Not surprisingly, the baking project tradition is one that I have carried on into adulthood — with a few small tweaks. First, my 10-year-old daughter gets to choose what we bake. Secondly, we’re not limited to a single cookbook — or any cookbook at all. In fact, for the upcoming three-day weekend we’re planning to take a few of the classes in Duff Goldman’s baking course on the Food Network Kitchen app. He covers everything from a can’t-fail bread pudding (made with leftover doughnuts and whatever mix-ins you have on hand) to an over-the-top, sweet-and-salty banana cream tart in a pretzel crust.

All the recipes in this course are incredibly fun and perfect for making with kids. Duff’s Ice Cream in a Bag comes together without an ice cream machine: all you need is ice, salt and some zip-top bags — and some energetic kiddos who want to dance around the kitchen while giving the bag a good shake! Sounds like fun, right? And, his homemade ice cream sandwiches involve three things all kids love. As Duff says, "Kids love cookies, kids love ice cream and kids love sticking things in a giant bowl of sprinkles!"

As a parent, I love that all the classes in this course involve "homework" (that’s what Duff calls mise en place). Take his Rainbow Unicorn Brownies (pictured above), for example. You have to do your homework before you can start baking: line your baking pan with parchment paper and preheat your oven. The beauty of his baking homework is that it’s a fun (and delicious) way to teach little ones the importance of planning and organizing. And, they get the absolute best pay-off for all their hard work. Duff says, “When you’re done, there’s this moment that happens when you pull the brownies out of the pan and cut them open to see what design you got”. Pure magic!

Want to try a few of these baking classes with your kiddos this upcoming long weekend? You can get all the classes in Duff’s Baking Course (plus lots of other kid-friendly classes and recipes) in the Food Network Kitchen app!

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