Food Network Kitchen’s Kid-Friendly Meal Plans Make Picky Eating A Thing of the Past

Parents, this one’s for you!

October 25, 2020

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She probably won’t love that I’m saying this, but my twin sister, Nicole, was a bit of a terror at the dinner table when we were growing up. Though she’s gotten a lot better with her picky eating habits now that she’s an adult, both of us still grimace when we think back to her “Picky Nicky” days. Yes, she was so bad that we even gave her a nickname for it. And while there were times back then when I, too, wasn’t exactly thrilled about what was on the plate in front of me, I was a lot less vocal about my weeknight dinner woes.

Had my mom had access to the Food Network Kitchen app’s brand-new “Meal Planning” feature all those years ago, though, I know for a fact that dinnertime would have been a lot easier for her — and a lot more exciting for Nicole and me. Thankfully, if you have your own picky eater situation at home, you can start browsing our kid-friendly meal plans right this second and make picky eating a thing of the past!

With themes like A Meal Plan That Kids Can Help Cook, Lunch for the Little Ones and Kid-Friendly Dinners for Busy Weeknights, each plan is full of fun and delicious dishes that are not only perfect for kids, they’re perfect for adults too. Best part of all — you can easily scroll through each meal plan with your own kiddo and have them pick out the dinners they want to eat each week. After just a few taps, they’ll have their very own personalized weeknight menu, and you’ll have a little extra peace of mind that dinner will go off without a hitch. How’s that for kitchen collaboration?!

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