3 Fun Cooking Classes to Take During Latinx Heritage Month

Whether you're looking for weeknight dinner inspiration or family-friendly snacks, we've got you covered with Mexican tortas, Venezuelan tequenos and so much more.

By: Frances Kim

We’re celebrating Latinx Heritage Month here at Food Network Kitchen! Throughout the month, which kicked off on September 15th, we’re bringing you an incredible lineup of classes. FNK managing culinary producer Larisa Alvarez will share her family recipes for iconic Venezuelan foods, from arepas to pabellon criollo (Venezuela’s national dish, which consists of pulled beef, black beans, plantains and rice). She developed the recipes “side-by-side” (via video chat!) with her mother, and we couldn’t be more excited for her to pass these lessons onto us.

Chef and food writer Rick Martinez will show us how to make dishes he grew up eating in Austin, as well as new ones inspired by the spectacular local produce in Mazatlan, Mexico, where he’s currently based. (P.S. Don't miss his Introduction to Mexican Cooking course for the best primer to tortillas, salsas, tacos and more!) FNK social media manager Gabriela Rodiles will present her takes on the Cuban dishes she learned to cook from her dad, while chef and food writer Alejandra Ramos will teach us how to whip up Puerto Rican tostones (fried plantains) and tembleque (coconut pudding). Lastly, food stylist and culinary producer Santos Loo will share his go-to recetas caseras, home-cook recipes you typically can’t find in restaurants, for Peruvian comfort foods, including sopa de leche (milk soup with vegetables) and salt cod with potatoes.

Check out the classes below, and be sure to follow along throughout Latinx Heritage Month for more delicious dinner inspiration.

While pepitos exist all over Latin America, Rick is partial to this northern Mexican version. Smothered with smoky chipotle crema and packed with avocados, tomatoes and pickled jalapenos, the juicy steak torta, or sandwich, is served on a crusty roll known as a bolillo. Give the dish a try, and it’s sure to become a weeknight favorite, too.

For Venezuelans, tequenos are the quintessential finger food — no party is complete without these crispy fried cheese sticks. While they’re sometimes compared to mozzarella sticks, tequenos are truly unique unto themselves and delectable in their own right. At Larisa’s house, making them is a family affair: Everyone sits around the table and wraps queso duro (hard cheese) in empanada dough. She then fries the sticks until golden and serves them with guasacaca, a bright green avocado sauce.

Once temperatures start dropping, Gabriela turns to this satisfying pot of garbanzo beans, potatoes and Spanish chorizo simmered in a richly flavored broth. The hearty, soulful stew is so much greater than the sum of its humble ingredients and a dish we’ll be making again and again this fall and winter.

Find these classes — and check out the schedule for upcoming live classes — in the Food Network Kitchen app.

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