Vallery Lomas' Meatless Taco Wraps Are a Dinnertime Dream Come True

We want to keep this TikTok trend going for a long time.

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You’ve hit that afternoon plateau, where lunch is behind you and dinner is on the horizon. But, once again, you have no idea what to make your family come suppertime. So you’re mindlessly scrolling through your TikTok feed, thinking maybe you’ll find some dinner inspo — at the very least you’ll enjoy a funny dog video (or four).

Does this sound familiar?

Stop wondering which viral trends are worth the hype and let us help: What you want for dinner tonight is this easy, crunchy taco wrap. You need only nine ingredients to make it exactly like Vallery Lomas does in her Crunchy Meatless Taco Wraps class on the Food Network Kitchen app. This recipe is part of our One Bag to Go series with Target, so you can get everything you need in one grocery order. But if you want to get a little creative with fillings you see in your feed, go for it. You have a kid who hates lettuce? Leave it out of his wrap! What I love most about this recipe is that it’s a vegetarian-friendly meal my whole family will happily devour — I don’t have to make myself something separate from the meat eaters’ dinner. (And who can resist a recipe that can feed four without a lengthy ingredients list?!)

Vallery’s crunchy taco wraps provide tons of protein, thanks to plant-based ground meat, and just a couple of tablespoons of taco seasoning give the “meat” all the traditional taco flavor you crave. A salad kit, shredded Mexican-style cheese and crushed corn tortilla chips round out the rest of the handheld meal.

What really sets these wraps apart is the Tiktok-inspired folding method, which Vallery explains so clearly in her class. Simply cut your tortilla from the center down, then add plant-based meat to the bottom-left quadrant of your tortilla. Sprinkle the cheese above the “meat,” moving clockwise. Fill the third quadrant with some salad mix from a chopped salad kit, and add any toppings (like the crushed tortilla chips) included in the salad kit to the last remaining spot on your tortilla.

The key to folding up your wrap without losing all your fillings? A spatula! Start with the plant-based meat section and continue wrapping until you have a triangle-shaped taco wrap. A quick spin in an oiled skillet and these wraps will be ready to eat.

Viral TikTok trends come and, thank goodness, some of them go, but this viral method is one we want to see stick around a long time.

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