Thanks to Zac Young, I'll Never Buy Corn Syrup (Not Even to Make Marshmallows)

Turns out, I already have a sweet substitute in my cupboard.

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Never have I ever ... bought corn syrup. It's a common ingredient, I know, and often used in making candy and deliciously sweet sauces, but I've never had a substantive reason to keep it on hand — and Zac Young just proved I may never have a need.

In his Strawberry S'mores Cookie Sandwiches class on the Food Network Kitchen app, Zac says "corn syrup and honey are pretty much interchangeable." He explains that they're both invert sugars, a technical term, he admits, but it basically means they are liquid sugars that contain equal parts glucose and fructose.

Well, honey is something I always have in the cupboard! So, instead of reading through a recipe, seeing that it calls for corn syrup and then dismissing it forever, I now have a sweet solution: Grab the honey. Even fluffy, homemade marshmallows are within reach.

"The honey actually adds a really nice flavor too," Zac says.

When, if ever, does this honey-for-corn-syrup substitution not work? "If you're making a caramel or something where you're looking for a specific color, you need to remember that the honey is going to advance that color. So, it is going to start look golden and caramelized before it really is," he says. Aside from that, though, if you use honey in place of corn syrup, you should be ... golden.

Sandwiching gooey strawberry marshmallows between two crispy chocolate chip cookies and dipping the indulgent treats in melted chocolate may sound a little over-the-top. But Zac's fun class makes the process easy-to-follow — and you can't really turn down a recipe that welcomes a pantry staple (honey!) and a simple shortcut (store-bought cookies!) to help an impressive dessert come to fruition.

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