There's Now a Brewery at the Mets' Stadium

Plus, more things you have to try on baseball's opening day.

Photo by: Danielle Adams of BeccaPR

Danielle Adams of BeccaPR

Few things are more all-American than baseball on a hot day with a cold beer. This season, the New York Mets are upping the ante on the beer front, opening a massive brewery, bar and restaurant as part of Citi Field. The city's first Mikkeller brewery, which originated in Denmark, the space will have 60 rotating taps and a menu that changes, but is meant to pair perfectly with beers. Though the brewery is located inside the stadium, there's a separate entrance for beer fans who don't have tickets to the game.

Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles Dodgers)

Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles Dodgers)

You could eat: Baseball means hot dogs, and no hot dog is quite as legendary as a Dodger Dog, preferably grilled and topped with diced onions. You should eat: It’s hard to justify vegetables at a ballpark, but elote — Mexican-style grilled corn — is perfect on a hot summer day. Slicked with mayonnaise, dusted with Mexican cheese and spiced with chile powder, the corn (available at Think Blue BBQ) is perfect for gnawing beside a backdrop of palm trees. Even better, step up the spice with the Cheeto-lote, dusted with Flamin' Hot Cheetos, cotija cheese & tajin seasoning, available at Elysian Park Grill.

Photo by: Levy


Elsewhere in the country, the Los Angeles Dodgers are bringing the heat with elote rubbed in Flamin' Hot Cheetos — ideal to pair with a Dodger Dog.

Chase Field (Arizona Diamondbacks)

Chase Field (Arizona Diamondbacks)

You could eat: Game Seven Grill is a wing-lover's destination, with spicy wings made with ghost peppers. They're as intense as they sound, and a great way to break a sweat in the desert heat. You should eat: No strangers to good Mexican food, Arizonans sneak Southwestern accents into plenty of dishes, including the new Asada Dog. A locally made 18-inch hot dog is tucked into a telera roll - similar to a French roll - with fries, queso blanco, salsa, guacamole and carne asada for double meatiness.

Photo by: Levy


Arizona Diamondbacks fans can graduate from a regular hot dog to the epic new Asada Dog, an 18-inch frank topped with fries, queso, salsa, guac AND carne asada.

Photo by: Taka Yanagimoto

Taka Yanagimoto

At St. Louis' Busch Stadium, Gioia's is now serving its iconic hot salami sandwich.

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