This Cocktail Shaker Holds 2,400 Gallons of Booze!

It changes the meaning of entertaining for a crowd.

Looking to shake up your cocktail routine? The Monkey Mixer is a massive upgrade to the classic cocktail shaker: It holds 2,400 gallons of liquid. That's 12,000 bottles of scotch or around 76,800 old-fashioned cocktails. More than 27 feet long, 13 feet tall and eight feet wide, it was inspired by cement mixers. It's powered by a 5000-watt commercial generator and it brings the party, including a sound system packing more than 2000 watts of power.

The contraption was invented by the team behind Monkey Shoulder, a small-batch blended whisky from Speyside, Scotland. "The Monkey Mixer was created to inspire imbibers to play with their whisky in cocktails," says brand ambassador Vance Henderson. "Monkey Shoulder is made for mixing, and whisky can be fun."

The monstrous mixer made its debut in February at Arizona Cocktail Week before heading to select cities; at the end of April it'll be parked and party-ready at the Austin Food and Wine Festival. Attendees who roll up will received a Mixed Up Monkey, a batched scotch cocktail with lemon, mint simple syrup and soda water dispensed down the truck's chute into glasses waiting below.

That's a lot more fun than doling out punch with a ladle.

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