This Massive Burrito Weighs 8 Pounds

Don’t even think about calling it a handheld.

No one’s sure exactly when the Double Super Monster Burrito first appeared as a secret-menu special at fast-casual chain Freebirds World Burrito, but the staff estimates selling around 500,000 since inventing them. The Double Super Monster is not just a large burrito: It's an eight-pound monster that's longer than a forearm and packed with Mexican goodness.

Each one is made with grilled steak, chicken, carnitas or ground beef, Spanish and cilantro rice, three different types of beans, roasted veggies, queso, house salsas and sauces like creamy jalapeno, pico de gallo, roasted corn, ranch, barbecue and Freebirds’ infamous signature Death Sauce. As if that's not all, it's finished with guacamole, roasted garlic and tortilla strips, all tucked inside four 12-inch tortillas. The behemoth burrito weighs between five and eight pounds and costs $15 to $18, depending on what’s stuffed inside.

It can easily serve four hungry guests, though some order it as a personal challenge (or to have enough burrito to last for days).

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