This Hot Dog Thinks It's a Lobster Roll

But is it worth the $40 price tag?

Burgers may be the name of the game at B Square Burgers & Booze in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but the restaurant is really making waves with weenies.

The Decadent Dog is a lobster-topped ode to the home states of the three owners, who hail from Connecticut and New York.

It starts with a foot-long length of American kobe beef — a far cry from the punchline-worthy mystery meats of garden variety franks.

Further earning its name (not to mention $38.95 asking price), the sausage is basted with garlic butter, lined with crunchy slaw, and topped with a generous portion of sautéed lobster; anointed with drizzles of aromatic truffle oil.

So does it still qualify as a frankfurter? Or is it actually a lobster roll?

Either way, the gleefully excessive Decadent Dog is summer in a bun.

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