These Movie Theaters Are Serving Up More Than Popcorn and Soda

Dinner and a movie just took on a whole new meaning.


Photo by: Nick Vedros/Getty

Nick Vedros/Getty

Going to the movies used to mean a large popcorn with butter and a soda (or slushy, if you were really going all out). Now, a night at the movies can involve everything from craft cocktails to a multi-course meal. Theaters across the US are putting their own spin on dinner and movie, so we rounded up the best spots nationwide for your viewing pleasure. That summer blockbuster just got a whole lot better.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Nitehawk/Gabi Porter

Photo courtesy of Nitehawk/Gabi Porter

Nitehawk Cinema, New York City

This Brooklyn-based theater chain started in Williamsburg and has another location in Prospect Park planned for September 2018. They’re known for seasonal menus that are sometimes themed. This summer you’ll want to check out their new menu from veteran chef, Michael Franey. The must-try? The Tokyo Dog, a Brooklyn Hot Dog Co hot dog with shishito pepper relish, a bright yellow pickled daikon radish and mizuna.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse Omaha

Photo courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse Omaha

Alamo Drafthouse, Omaha location

While there isn’t a Star Wars movie planned for summer 2018, this theater is a must-see for any fan of the series. You’ll find a 10-foot Death Star hanging in the lobby and can take photos sitting on the Emperor’s throne. The architecture all draws on the layout of the spaceships from the movies and the food served at the theater is next-level good. Check out their themed menus for Sorry to Bother You and 8th Grade coming this summer.



iPic Theaters, nationwide

iPic theaters are known for their cushy seats (coupled up into pods) complete with blankets and waiter service at the push of a button. The tickets for these theaters are on the pricier side, but it’s worth it to be able to watch a movie in the same level of comfort you'd find on your living room sofa. Each location is complete with a regional restaurant serving a seasonal menu.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Flix Brewhouse/Susan Fleck

Photo courtesy of Flix Brewhouse/Susan Fleck

Flix Brewhouse, multiple locations

Beer aficionados will want to take their viewing party to Flix. The theater chain houses whole microbreweries inside each of their locations. Each brewhouse has a different brewmaster creating drafts that change seasonally. Go for the movie, stay for a drink.

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