You Can Eat Your Face at the Cookie Dough Shop

Let me take a selfie.

Selfies have never tasted so sweet. At DoHolics, a brand new edible cookie dough shop in Dallas, customers can indulge in “selfie shakes,” milkshakes topped with a printed photo of their face. Seriously, is there anything more 2018 than this?

Those looking to get their hands in one of these shakes will have to plan a trip to the Lone Star state. “Selfie shakes are still very new, found in just a few locations around the world, including Singapore and London,” Usman Babar, one of the co-founders of DoHolics, told CultureMap Dallas. This is because restaurants interested in this product must purchase a machine that duplicates your image, sent via an app, to the top of your shake.

It's proving to be a pretty lucrative business model. Customers are ordering shakes with more than just selfies. The DoHolics Instagram account has been tagged in multiple photos with shakes topped with dog photos, for example.

Selfies not your thing? DoHolics also carries over-the-top cookie shots and 15 flavors of cookie dough. Let’s face it (see what we did there?), there’s something for everyone.

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