5 Lunchboxes and Coolers Perfect for Summer Camp

Keep your kid's lunch and snacks cool all day long with these insulated lunchboxes.

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June 16, 2021

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After spending time each night making lunches and snack packs for a day of summer camp, you want to ensure it tastes delicious by the time your kid's group is ready to eat. Having a well-insulated lunchbox (or cooler for older kids) is key in keeping sandwiches, snacks and produce fresh. After all, a warm bologna sandwich isn't just disappointing, it could be a health risk for your kid.

In order to find the best lunchboxes for summer camp, we looked for a few key components when browsing online retailers. First, we looked for lunchboxes with solid insulation. That means, space for cooler packs, freezable lunchboxes or solid insulation built into the design. Next, we chose lunchboxes that were sturdy and could hold their shape. No kid wants to eat a smushed PB&J. We also picked lunchboxes with ample space for lunch and snacks for the afternoon. Finally, we considered additional features like a matching thermos or water bottle, a long and short handle for multiple carrying options and built-in bento boxes or compartments to keep food separate.

No matter what age group your camper is, we found a lunchbox to fit their needs.


Pre-school age campers might not be spending a whole day at camp, and instead only do a morning session that ends around lunchtime. This Wildkin insulated lunchbox is large enough to stow a sandwich, snack and water bottle and will keep everything fresh for the three hours your kid is spending at camp. This lunchbox boasts a 5-star rating on Amazon with nearly 7,000 reviews, plus a Mom's Choice Award.

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Put this lunchbox directly in the freezer the night before camp and it'll be ready to go for your kid all day. If your kid loves fruit and cold drinks with their lunch, this freezable lunchbox will keep it cool without any extra cold packs. It's ideal for keeping condensation at bay, too, so you can say goodbye to soggy bread for good.

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Ever hear a mom complain her teenager is "eating her out of house and home"? This large lunchbox is perfect for the teens with a raging appetite. The bottom compartment can store snacks, multiple drinks and even some fruit, while the main compartment can handle a lunchtime wrap or sandwich — or a couple, if that's what it takes to keep your teen full for a day of swimming, games and more.

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As a teen, many of us refused to take a lunchbox to school, let alone camp. This lunch tote solves that problem, especially as Hydroflask is a teen-approved brand. This tote can fit lunch, snacks and multiple drinks and comes in four new colors just in time for the start of summer.

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Yeti is known for it's seriously solid coolers. They can keep food frozen solid for hours — sometimes days. This lunchbox from the iconic cooler company is made for the kid who's spending the whole day and then some at camp. The lunchbox is waterproof, contains "ColdCell Insulation" that Yeti claims keeps the interior temperature controlled, and the lid magnetically attached to the base in case you pick up the box without zipping it first.

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