5 Questions with Alison Brod of 24 Hour Restaurant Battle

By: Sarah De Heer
alison brod

Get ready -- another season of 24 Hour Restaurant Battle premiers tonight at 10pm/9c with an all-new set of contestants aspiring to open their own restaurant –- all in just one day.

In honor of the new season, we asked three of the judges to talk about the new season, the drama we can expect and advice they can share. First up, Alison Brod, of Alison Brod Public Relations.

FN Dish: With this new season, what are some changes we can expect?

AB: Well, Scott Conant (host) is looking a little older this season … just kidding, he is only getting better. The sets on the show are kicked up a bit – more lighting, color and design. Also, the themes are more closely matched per show now, so the comparisons are more straightforward, which could be helpful to aspiring restaurateurs.

FN Dish: Judging a team is never easy, what are some of the takeaway lessons you learned from last season?

AB: Sometimes, there is a clear winner, but when there isn’t, figuring out who has the most potential to really succeed, if left on their own, can be challenging. Also, people should really hone in on a concept – too many contestants make the mistake of trying to be too many things.

FN Dish: What is the most common mistake you come across?

AB: I have never been a chef or worked in a kitchen, but if you are going to serve a plate of food to a judge deciding your future, you may want to actually taste what you are about to serve and make sure that everything that was on the menu is actually in that dish.

FN Dish: From a PR standpoint -- what's the key to making a restaurant really standout to you on the show? What catches your eye?

AB: A very defined theme or at least, something that can be a runaway success as a signature item.

FN Dish: Do you think you could do it in 24 hours?

AB: Hell no.

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Alison Brod runs Alison Brod Public Relations, a 55-person, New York-based agency specializing in lifestyle, fashion, beauty and celebrity PR and marketing. She has represented more than 60 restaurants to date, among many other notable clients like Mercedes-Benz, L'Oreal, Victoria's Secret PINK, LVMH, Barnes & Noble and Godiva.

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