What to Watch: Marcus Samuelsson's Savoring Harlem

By: Victoria Phillips

Join Next Iron Chef competitor Marcus Samuelsson as he explores the food revolution in Harlem. In this Food Network special, Savoring Harlem showcases the food culture of restaurants like Marcus' Red Rooster and long-time staples like Sylvia’s. As the neighborhood continues to change and thrive, cuisine from around the world makes Harlem a vibrant food destination. French, Ethiopian, Spanish — there are new restaurants and green markets popping up on every corner.

Inspired by Harlem’s culture and diversity, Marcus moved to the borough eight years ago with the hope of one day owning a restaurant that represented what he loved most about this versatile area. The history of Harlem is as rich as the food now available. Home to great poets, musicians and actors, entertainment and creativity are as alive today on the streets of Harlem as they were when speakeasies still existed.

Chat with Marcus on Food Network’s Facebook page at 3 pm on Friday, February 24. After the chat, tune in at 8 pm ET/PT for the Food Network special, Savoring Harlem.

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