Robert Irvine's Top 5 Most-Memorable Restaurant Impossible Episodes

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In honor of the 50th episode of Restaurant: Impossible, " Behind the Impossible," Robert Irvine sat down with us at the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival at Caesars Hotel & Casino (where he spent time as their culinary director at the beginning of his career) to share some of his most memorable moments from past seasons. While he did have a party in Philadelphia to celebrate the milestone, he's already filming future episodes saying, "it's 50 and then we keep on going."

1. At The Main Dish in Meridianville, Ala., Robert turned a sad and neglected restaurant into a comfortable, sophisticated eatery, and gave a new lease on life for Lynn and Ken Tverberg. Check out how the restaurant is doing now in our Restaurant Revisited.

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2. The level of dirtiness at Anna Maria's in Dunmore, Pa., is where Robert went through the worst kitchen he'd ever seen. The kitchen was so dirty that Robert wouldn't even let the customers continue to eat after he saw the mess of dirt and filth and grease.

3. When he headed to Harrisburg, Pa., in an effort to try and save Doug and Debbie Krick's restaurant, Dodge City USA, from closing its doors after 30 years of service, Robert was touched by the compassion shown by its owners.

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4. The overwhelming success of restaurant The Trails in San Diego, Calif., and its owner Stacey Poon-Kinney ranks as a top moment that just keeps going. The restaurant just recently turned $1.1 million in sales, a 66% increase since the renovations.

5. Robert visited a school garden grown by the nonprofit Horton's Kids organization in Washington, D.C., with first lady Michelle Obama, who Robert found to be an amazing human being. "She was supposed to spend an hour with me but instead she canceled an appointment on Capitol Hill to talk to every kid and mom that was there," Robert said. Find out how Horton's Kids is doing in our Restaurant Revisited.

Robert keeps in contact with all of the restaurants (except, apparently, one guy who he didn't like), and they are like his extended family. Tune in to the 50th episode of Restaurant: Impossible on Wednesday, August 22, at 9pm.

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