Welcome to The Next Iron Chef: Redemption Kitchen Set

More like a culinary amphitheater than an everyday cook space, the Next Iron Chef Kitchen Stadium is, of course, not just a kitchen. Featuring multiple stovetops, a slew of ovens, an ice cream maker and more, the set can accommodate several chefs at a time and is stocked with oddball and classic ingredients alike that allow the rivals to cook up Iron Chef-worthy dishes.

You’ve seen Next Iron Chef finalists sprint from stove to pantry to freezer in a flash and grab exactly what they need, but have you ever wondered what’s on and in those wall-to-wall shelves, deep refrigerators and freezers? We were curious about what it takes to outfit the Next Iron Chef kitchen, so we checked in with Food Network’s culinary team, the group responsible for stocking it with its tricked-out appliances, top-notch cooking gadgets and Secret Ingredients. Read on below to get a behind-the-scenes look at Kitchen Stadium and find out how the culinary department prepared for the fifth season of The Next Iron Chef.

Next Iron Chef Kitchen Set:

How many pots and pans are on set? 194 pots and pans

How many plates, bowls, glasses and accessories were provided for plating? 754 various shapes and sizes

How many spices are provided? Which are the most used? 145 spices, chemicals, dried herbs, chile peppers, etc. Most used included chile varieties, fennel and cumin.

How many blenders, whisks and the like? 14 blenders plus extra carafes, 18 whisks, 30 tongs of varying sizes, 4 meat grinders

How many eggs are provided for each challenge (or does that change)? 1 case — or 30 dozen eggs — were used up over the course of 5 episodes in Los Angeles.

What do you always buy the most of each season? Paper towels, olive oil, bacon and bread

Tune in on Sunday at 9pm/8c to find out which rival chefs survive to cook another day and who will be sent home just two weeks into the competition.