Anne's Top 10 Tips for Pursuing Your Dream Job

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No-nonsense chef Anne Burrell is taking her passion for the culinary industry one step further in an all-new season of Food Network's Chef Wanted, premiering tomorrow night at 10pm/9c. If the applicants want to impress Anne and the restaurant's management, they'll need more than just stellar food chops and a winning resume to score their dream job.

So how can you be sure that you’re going after the right job? And once you’ve secured an interview, what are some things to keep in mind? We recently sat down with Anne and she dished her top tips for finding a job that fits like a glove:

1. Go for a job that you feel that you’re equipped to love.

2. Do research on the restaurant: its clientele, its owner and the area it’s located in.

3. Find out what the staff size is. It’s important to know how much support you’ll have.

4. Ask yourself why you really want this job.

5. Remain cool under pressure.

6. Commit to a strong work ethic — working in restaurants requires long hours.

7. Don’t try to impress your interviewer — just be yourself.

8. Think about your resume early on: Don’t jump around to a lot of restaurants in a short period of time. That’s a red flag and could indicate that you have wanderlust or are difficult to work with.

9. Remember that your consistency is key.

10. Be respectful, be humble, don’t have an attitude and do make really good food — food you love.

Click the play button below to watch a preview of tomorrow's brand-new season premiere.

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Anne Burrell's greatest challenge: Chef Wanted, Thursday nights at 10/9c.
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