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Every Sunday night, FN Dish gives you the exclusive exit interview with the latest castoff from Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off , the competition show that features celebrities cooking their way through challenges for a chance to win the title of Cook-Off Champion and $50,000 for their chosen charity. This season will have the celebrities facing real-life situations — far from the glamour of the red carpet — and will test more than just their cooking skills.

On tonight's episode, the six remaining celebrities found themselves at Mel's Drive-In. The challenge this time would be to create a full diner experience for the customers. One person from each team would be required to attend the front of the house while the remaining two cooked in the back. The goal was to test the celebrities' adaptability in reinventing three classic diner dishes: the tuna melt, cheeseburger and club sandwich. Unfortunately, Team Guy was not allowed to choose who would make which sandwich, putting them at a disadvantage that landed them in the bottom again.

With the advantage from last week's win, Team Rachael got to assign the dishes to Team Guy, throwing them all for a loop. Johnny was given the club sandwich, Dean the tuna melt and Chilli the cheeseburger. Unfortunately, Dean and Chilli weren't able to deliver the best versions, and the diners voted their dishes the least favorite.

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The two had to face off in a 5-minute milkshake challenge. Dean's boozy Creamsicle-inspired milkshake really impressed Rachael and Guy. Chilli's chocolate, peanut butter and cookies milkshake, on the other hand, wasn't inventive enough to save her. Five celebrities remain to cook next week, with Team Guy down to only two members. Watch Chilli's exit interview below.

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RvG Ep. 3: Exit Interview 01:17

One more celebrity chef prepares to leave the competition with no regrets.

Would you have done anything differently in the blind tasting challenge?

Chilli: I was really happy with how my milkshake turned out. I'm glad I incorporated the chocolate, peanut butter and cookies. All those flavors go together. I didn't want to get too busy. Chocolate was the safe choice and I wanted to play it safe. Maybe Rachael and Guy were looking for one of us to step outside the box. Dean definitely did. I was too nervous to step outside of the box, but maybe I should have.

What did you learn from this competition, about cooking or yourself?

C: I've learned so much. I've learned how to be a team player in the kitchen. I'm glad I had this experience because otherwise I would still want to work alone in the kitchen. I've learned not to let anything intimidate me — I don't care if it's a grill or someone else's kitchen; I've learned to adapt to whatever is around me to make it my own thing. When it comes to cooking, I'm going to be at another level now. I'm going to be more adventurous with my recipes and try new things. I'm going to keep in mind some of the recipes I learned here. I'm going to be a beast in my kitchen because of this competition.

What do you take away from this competition?

C: The best part of this experience was meeting everybody. You admire so many people from far away for what they do, but you don't know what they're like in person. I'm always nervous to meet other celebrities. Some are nice just because you're a celebrity too, but you can tell when somebody is not cool. I was pleasantly surprised by everybody. What a blessing it's been to have made new friends. It's so cool to be able to say to people, I know Guy Fieri, I know Rachael Ray. They were so nice and helpful all the time. Guy made us feel good about ourselves. He's such a great guy. I can't stress enough how happy I am that I was able to be a part of this competition and to go home with a bunch of new friends.

How did you like working on a team?

C: Being part of a team helped me grow as a person, and I think it definitely made me a better person, just being able to listen to others more. I'm not a know-it-all. It's good to listen to other people and have their help, because sometimes I can't do it all. Even though I try to, I really do need help sometimes, but I don't always ask.

What do you think about Guy?

C: Guy to me is just a big ball of the most amazing energy. He is a no-nonsense kind of guy. He knows his stuff but he still lends an ear to listen to you and takes into consideration what you have to say. I'm so glad I got a chance to really know him and to see that he is so passionate about what he does. I think that's why he's so great at what he does. You can tell he still wants to expand and be better than he is already. He's amazing. I love Guy.

What's next for you?

C: Even though I didn't win for my charity, I'm still going to keep things moving with Chilli's Crew and work with other people who want to get involved with my charity. A lot of TLC stuff is coming up. It's our 21st anniversary. The TLC biopic is something that T-Boz and I are working on. The script is done and the movie is on its way. We're about to go back in the studio to make new music for the movie. I'm so excited about all of that. I can't wait to get out there and see the fans. Now that I've made new friends here, they're all invited to come and check us out on the road.

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For more information on Chilli's charity, visit Chilli's Crew on Facebook.

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