The Original Pitmaster and First ShedHed, Brad Orrison

By: Sarah De Heer
The Shed BBQ

The Shed BBQ

Scenes from the Food Network's The Shed, Season 1 being filmed in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Brad Orrison hanging out at the restaurant.

Photo by: Chris Granger ©2013, Television Food Network, G. P. All Rights Reserved

Chris Granger, 2013, Television Food Network, G. P. All Rights Reserved

The Shed in a Nutshell 02:00

Brad tells how The Shed began and how Guy Fieri helped put it on the map.

Shed fans know that Brad Orrison is the mastermind behind The Shed, the mecca for barbecue in southern Mississippi, but what fans might not know is that Hobson wasn't the original pit master — it was Brad. "Food was always a passion for the family," Brad recently told FN Dish. "During my college years I opened both a pizzeria and sushi joint. But what I loved the most was the aspect of barbecue." From the restaurant's inception to date, Brad has worn many hats.

Click on the play button on the video above and get to know Brad a little better.

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