Man vs. Sabotage — Alton's After-Show

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Cutthroat After-Show 104 05:01

Alton Brown and Antonia Lofaso discuss the sabotages the competitors faced as they prepared turkey dinners, french toast and lobster rolls.

When judge Antonia Lofaso entered the Cutthroat Kitchen and tasted the chefs' turkey dinner, French toast and lobster roll dishes, she wasn't privy to the events that had unfolded and ultimately led to those particular plates of food. Simply critiquing and praising the offerings based solely on taste, she knew not of the thousands of dollars that had been spent to force a competitor to cook with a precooked, processed turkey instead of a fresh bird, to prepare a meal sans utensils, to feature red wine and blue cheese in French toast, and to make bread from scratch in only 30 minutes. On his first-ever Alton's After-Show, Alton revealed these secrets and others to judge Antonia, who finally realized the making of the meals she had just tasted.

"It's all coming together now," she told Alton. In perhaps the most telling reveal, she learned that all of these sabotages, seemingly insurmountable given the time constraints and demands of the challenge, had been inflicted on one competitor: Chef Frankie. It was up to him to adapt to these struggles — sometimes multiple ones in a single round — and attempt to turn out passable plates.

Find out how Chef Frankie fared in the end, and hear from of judge Antonia's reaction by clicking the play button on the video and watching Alton's After-Show. If you were Chef Frankie, how do you think you would have handled cooking without utensils? Would the inundation of obstacles be enough for you to hang up your apron once and for all? Tell FN Dish in the comments below.

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