Philly's Finest Sambonis — Rolling Out the Great Food Truck Race

The start of the fourth season of The Great Food Truck Race is less than a week away. Every day leading up to the premiere on Sunday, August 18 at 9pm/8c, FN Dish is introducing a new food truck team. With $50,000 in prize money and a free food truck on the line, it's a high-stakes race to the finish line.

Food Truck: Philly's Finest Sambonis
Team Members: Chris, Joe, Erik (pictured above)
Home Base: Philadelphia

Food Concept: Philly cheese steaks and sandwiches: "sambonis"

These three guys from Philly — Erik, Joe and Chris — want to show the rest of America a real cheese steak sandwich with their food truck, Philly's Finest Sambonis. After a car accident ruined Erik's career as an electrician, he decided to follow his dream and cook. Joined by his friends Joe and Chris, the guys want to cook true Philly cheese steaks, which for them means diced beef and gooey American cheese in a hollowed-out roll topped "wit' or wit'out onions." Not only that, they want to prove that anything can be turned into a sandwich, which they like to call a "samboni." Winning a food truck business would mean new careers the guys could count on.

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