Featured Restaurants in South Dakota: On the Road with The Great Food Truck Race

South Dakota On the Road

On this past Sunday's episode of The Great Food Truck Race, the five remaining teams rolled into the Black Hills of South Dakota. Their stop was Rapid City, the second-largest city in the state with a booming tourism industry. The teams faced competition from local businesses and found themselves adapting to locals' tastes when Tyler challenged them to add buffalo to their menus. But South Dakota is famous for more than just buffalo and Mount Rushmore. There are many great restaurants to choose from when visiting — whether you're craving a buffalo burger or not. FN Dish has rounded up some terrific food options in South Dakota from Food Network's On the Road guide. Check them out below.

Try the Reuben sandwich at this deli in Keystone. Enjoy one of the nation's favorite sandwiches in a classic American setting, the shadow of Mount Rushmore.

What began as a diner with a $3.50 pancake, egg and sausage special has become a "fine diner" serving lunch and dinner specials with local produce and an extensive wine and beer menu. Tally's in Rapid City keeps with tradition, though, so you can still have the original Special Breakfast at the same price.

Head to Paddy O'Neill's, located at the Hotel Alex Johnson in Rapid City, for a $5 lunch special, dinner or pint of craft beer. The menu includes a variety of Irish and Midwestern classics while the bar offers entertainment from local bands and a jukebox.

The site of Rapid City's first fire department and the first brewery in South Dakota, the Firehouse Brewing Company specializes in craft beers. Watch the brewing in action and try the Gorgonzola Ale Soup or Firehouse Favorite Gumbo.

You can't miss the 7-oz. buffalo burger at Wild Sage Grill in Sioux Falls. The burger meat is locally sourced, and it can be topped with your choice of cheese, sauteed mushrooms and/or bacon.

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