What to Watch This Weekend: The Premieres of Cupcake Wars and Rachael vs. Guy: Kids Cook-Off

This weekend, it's all about the competitions on Food Network. First, on Saturday, four cupcake bakers will compete to win an opportunity to cater a launch party for Jessica Alba's new brand, The Honest Company. Then on Sunday, eight kids enter into competition, joining either Team Rachael or Team Guy, ready to cook for the chance to win a Web series. On The Great Food Truck Race, the five remaining teams race to South Dakota, where the challenges include cooking buffalo. Then tune in for the ultimate in sabotage on Cutthroat Kitchen and watch a new episode of Iron Chef America.

Four talented cupcake bakers fight to win over special guest judge Jessica Alba. They face off for $10,000 and the chance to have their all-natural organic cupcakes at the center of a party launching the new headquarters for her brand, The Honest Company.

Tune-in: Sat., Sept. 7 at 8pm/7c

Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri meet eight rising kid chefs and choose their teams. For their first Pop Quiz, the kids must create a signature dish. Guy and Rachael then mentor their teams before they launch into the Cook-Off Challenge. Teen star Stefanie Scott will taste each dish and hand out report cards. The MVP from each team will win a cool prize, but the kid with the most points overall will be closer to the grand prize — landing their own Web series on FoodNetwork.com.

Tune-in: Sun., Sept. 8 at 8pm/7c

The five remaining teams meet Tyler at the Crazy Horse Memorial, where they’re given their seed money before heading out to shop in Rapid City, S.D. How will they manage when their follow car is taken during the Speed Bump? On day 2, they race to the Wild Idea Buffalo Co., where they find a quarter side of bison that they must butcher for use in all menu items. After each selling $1,500 worth of their bison menus, they can rush to be one of the first three teams to reach a vista and win a reward, and the next day the losing team is eliminated.

Tune-in: Sun., Sept. 8 at 9pm/8c

In this exciting episode of Cutthroat Kitchen, we'll see if one chef can turn gas station snack food into gourmet ravioli. Then, the chefs are put through the grinder as one of them is forced to make the perfect burger on a camp stove. Finally, we'll see which chef has more guts, as one of them is made to serve giblets with his or her fried chicken.

Tune-in: Sun., Sept. 8 at 10pm/9c

Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli faces off against challenger Stephen Kalt. Chef Kalt's Southern Italian cuisine can be sampled at Fornelleto, in the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City, and his most recent venture is Caulfield's in Beverly Hills. Judges are Karine Bakhoum, Art Smith and Elettra Wiedemann.

Tune-in: Sun., Sept. 8 at 11pm/10c
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