Watch the Top 5 Sledgehammer Moments on Restaurant: Impossible

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Top 5 Sledgehammer Moments
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When Robert Irvine takes on a mission at a failing business, he's not alone in the challenge; he brings with him his entire Restaurant: Impossible team, which includes a construction manager and designer. But although he has dedicated colleagues to help him carry out the physical transformation of an eatery, Robert isn't shy about getting involved in the overhaul. Not only is he quick to share with his team his wish list for a restaurant, but he often takes matters of construction in his own hands.

Throughout the series, Robert's been known to reach for one trusty tool in particular time and time again: the sledgehammer. He's often seen wielding this weighted device to bore holes in walls and knock down partitions to better illustrate to his team just what updates he'd like to see. It's up to Robert's construction team to simply don their protective eyewear and watch as Robert makes the move in renovation.

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