Star Marketing in the Supermarket — Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off

On last night's episode of Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off, the celebrities entered Fairway Market in Woodland Park, N.J., for a challenge that involved cooking and creating their own food product to market to shoppers. The goal of the challenge, as Rachael and Guy emphasized, was for each celebrity to turn out a product that best represented his or her own personality. Once the celebrities were ready to serve, they handed out samples and vied for votes from shoppers, using any sales tactic that would work: Judy cracked Jewish mother jokes. Jake broke out the dance moves. Tiffany turned up the '80s flair. And Penn talked up his food product like a pro salesman.

For the first time this season, an MVP was chosen from each team and a $2,500 donation awarded to each winner's charity. Penn was named the MVP of Team Rachael and Herschel was named MVP for Team Guy. But unfortunately, that still meant one celebrity had to be sent home.

Jake from Team Rachael was ultimately eliminated for a product that guest judge Madison Cowan said lacked the "wow factor." Jake's salsa, which had roasted peppers, tomatoes and peaches, just didn't garner the votes he had hoped for. Initially Jake wanted to make a sweet dessert, but Rachael convinced him to make a salsa. Adding peaches was completely Jake's idea, as he wanted it to be sweet and savory, but Rachael wasn't convinced it would work. Even with his flirty sales tactics of dancing the salsa with customers, Jake's salsa dish just didn't live up to expectation. Should he have followed Rachael's guidance or gone with his first instinct? Do you think Jake was the right celebrity to be eliminated? Did the salsa dish really fit his personality?

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Vote for the celebrity's product you think showed off his or her personality the best, and let us know in the comments whether you think the right celebrity went home this challenge.

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