Best-Ever Cutthroat Kitchen Sabotages and Giada's Take on the Competition

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Giada on Cutthroat Kitchen 01:55

An exclusive interview with Giada on her Cutthroat Kitchen appearance.

Now into its second season, Cutthroat Kitchen has welcomed dozens of chefs into the arena for a competition based on culinary skill, determination and, above all else, sabotage. To succeed in this cutthroat battle, it's not enough to turn out deliciously inventive dishes; chefs need to think quickly and adapt in order to survive challenges that will inevitably befall them, like mandatory oddball ingredients, prohibited utensils and unconventional cooking devices.

Just in time for yesterday's special episode of Cutthroat Kitchen wherein Alton hosted his first-ever guest judge, the queen of Italian cuisine, Giada De Laurentiis, Food Network looked back on some of the most-hilarious, unbelievable and downright evilicious sabotages to ever befall competitors. Many of the most-memorable challenges have involved inferior gadgets and utensils: mini pots, cheese graters and whisks made for children, plastic knives instead of steel ones and chopsticks in place of all other tools.

When it came to cooking the rice for his teriyaki rice bowl, Chef Kellan was forced to harvest all of the water he would use from whole coconuts in what Alton deemed a "diabolical" sabotage. It was up to the chef to crack enough coconuts and drain water from them if he wanted to boil rice for his bowls.

What was ultimately revealed to be the best-ever sabotage so far? That honor was awarded to the challenge Alton referred to as "flipped," wherein the contestant could use only the underside of pots and pans to cook. Chef Cazel was gifted this torturous assignment as he attempted to make an omelet, and what resulted was a poorly formed egg dish.

Click the play button on the video above to learn Giada's take on the Cutthroat Kitchen sabotages, and find out more about her experience judging.

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