What to Watch: A New Season of Food Court Wars Begins and the Competition Is Brewing on Chopped

Chopped Beer

Photo by: Susan Magnano ©Magnanimous Pictures

Susan Magnano, Magnanimous Pictures

This weekend, Food Court Wars returns for a second season: On Sunday night, the owners of a hot dog eatery face off against a pair of beignet makers to win space in a food court. Afterward, it's a special beer-themed episode of Chopped. And on Cutthroat Kitchen, four chefs return for more sabotage and culinary punishment.

Plus, tune in for new episodes of The Pioneer Woman and The Kitchen on Saturday and a new Sandwich King on Sunday morning.

Ree is home alone in the snow — a perfect opportunity to eat lighter and pack in some exercise. For a prehike dinner, she's making a delicious Low-Carb Lettuce Burger. To kick-start the next day, it's a Carb-Buster Breakfast, complete with poached eggs, and then a Butternut Squash and Kale Stir-Fry for lunch. She rounds it all off with a fabulous Orange Resolution Smoothie.

Saturday at 10a|9c

This week, Sunny Anderson shares her recipe for Creamy Chicken Succotash using frozen lima beans, and then the chefs tackle foods most people avoid, like pomegranates, ginger and butternut squash. The hosts introduce their first "Personal Faves" segment where each cooks with a loved one; this week Katie Lee and her mom sample two no-bake desserts: “Cow Pile” Cookies and Banana Pudding Pie. As they all share what they're "Into and Over," Geoffrey Zakarian mixes up a delicious gin cocktail.

Saturday at 11a|10c

Jeff prepares Strawberry Wafflewiches with Fresh Berry Gelato and Chunnel Cake Sandwiches with Dulce de Leche Gelato to kick off his dessert mash-up menu. Then Lorenzo and his friends help make some Mexican Hot Chocolate, and of course a little something for the adults!

Sunday at 10:30a|9:30c

Husband and wife team Nick and Autumn combined their love of music with their fondness for food when they opened their rock-and-roll hot dog restaurant. But with a cursed location and strictly seasonal business, they need to expand their brand; then Nick can quit his construction job and focus solely on the hot dog business. Best friends Matt and Matt not only share the same name but also a passion for beignets, which they hope to transform into a broader, successful culinary concept. These two teams will face off to prove that they have what it takes to win over the hungry residents of Traverse City, Mich.

Sunday at 8|7c

Chopped is brewing up some serious competition, as all three rounds are devoted to beer. For their appetizers, the four chefs must make sausages work with a toasted lager. A tasty tripel ale is the beer in the basket for the entree round. And in the final round, the iconic beer-and-pretzel combination must be made delicious in dessert form.

Sunday at 9|8c

Four chefs return to Cutthroat Kitchen for more punishment and a second chance to outsmart and outcook their competition. Things start off with a blend when one chef gets to pulverize another's hot dogs in a food processor. Then a chef goes back to science class when forced to cook pasta carbonara with a chemistry set. And finally, it's anything but a day at the fair when one competitor is handed a cotton candy machine to make sugar for his or her brownies.

Sunday at 10|9c

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