What to Watch: KC from the Sunshine Band Cooks with Guy, and Chocolatey Episodes from Trisha and Giada

Guy and KC

This weekend on Food Network, watch all-new morning episodes from Ree, Trisha, Rachael, Guy, Jeff, Giada and Ina. On The Kitchen, the hosts have great new ideas for using kitchen tools in different ways. Both Trisha and Giada are inspired by chocolate in cooking their recipes. Jeff's cooking his and hers French sandwiches. And on Guy's Big Bite, KC from KC and the Sunshine band joins Guy in the kitchen to make mole.

In the evening on Saturday, watch a special Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and on Sunday night watch a special all-burger episode of Chopped, plus a new episode of Cutthroat Kitchen where the chefs must cook potato skins without either the flesh or the skin of the potato.

It's a tale of two dinners at the Drummond Ranch — one for the kids and one for the grownups. The kids are tucking into Baked Ziti while Ree makes Rib-Eye Steaks with Cowboy Butter, Baked Potatoes with All the Fixins and Cheddar Bacon Wedge Salad for the adults. It's all followed by gooey and decadent molten Chocolate Lava Cakes and, of course, some ranch pranks!

Saturday 10a|9c

Everybody needs a few freezer-friendly desserts in his or her arsenal! Trisha's friend Julie is chocolate's biggest fan, so Trisha decided to design a decadent, freezer-friendly menu around chocolate. Julie joins Trisha in the kitchen and together they make Colleen's Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Pound Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls and, after setting up an indulgent chocolate cocktail party for two, some Chocolate Hurricanes!

Saturday 10:30a|9:30c

The Kitchen is full of new ideas this week starting with Sunny's "1-Pan Plan." Marcela’s got "Today's Dinner, Tomorrow's Lunchbox," and the gang finds new uses for old tools like cookie cutters and a turkey baster. Plus, Katie went to pizza school and gives a lesson in making the perfect pizza.

Saturday 11a|10c

If there's one thing Guy could eat all day it's Italian food. And on DDD, he's tasted all kinds of authentic varieties derived from all over the boot: from scratch-made tortellini and house-cured bresaola at the Italian Corner to the native Italian chef at Cafe Citti dishin' out polenta with porcini sauce to the decadent pork sandwiches at Marie's Italian Specialties. And who could forget the legendary lobster ravioli at Rino's Place, or the out-of-bounds beef cheek manicotti they're serving up at Torinos' at Home? These joints are cranking out homemade Italian dishes that'll rival Nonna's home cooking.

Saturday 10|9c

Today's timesaving menu is a delicious international tour for your taste buds, without the airfare or the extra trips to the grocery store! It starts with Chorizo Stew with Kale, then it's Teriyaki Chicken with Soba and, for the third meal, Moroccan Red Harissa Chicken.

Sunday 9:30a|8:30c

Looking for a new savory way to cook with chocolate? Guy Fieri's guest KC (yep, as in KC and the Sunshine Band!) joins Guy to make Grilled Chicken Mole that's brined, dry-rubbed and basted in a deep chile and chocolate sauce — rich, complex and delicious. To go with that, arepas: golden corn cakes stuffed with goat cheese, chorizo, charred corn and roasted poblano peppers. Try this meal as a treat for someone special, or even better, cook it together!

Sunday 10a|9c

Jeff's spinning a croque monsieur with a funky Mornay sauce two ways — his and hers — but making Sarah's with roasted asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes and a poached egg. And for dessert it's chocolate eclairs filled with a sweet almond whipped cream and topped off with crushed almonds and smoked sea salt.

Sunday 10:30a|9:30c

Chocolate is the star ingredient as Giada creates three irresistible and unique recipes — Chocolate Fettuccine with Peas and Pancetta, White Chocolate Risotto, and a Black and White Italian Cocktail.

Sunday 11a|10c

It's Ina and Jeffrey's wedding anniversary and Ina's got a romantic game plan guaranteed to impress. There's an incredible menu of Crispy Mustard-Roasted Chicken, Creamy Cheddar Grits, Crispy Roasted Kale and Chocolate Peanut Butter Globs, plus a perfect alfresco setting and a special trip to the vineyard organized by Jeffrey.

Sunday 11:30a|10:30c

The chefs learn that they will be making hamburgers, in some shape or form, for every round, starting with veal burgers for appetizers. Then in the entree round a little quail egg causes a big headache for some of the competitors. And who's ever heard of a dessert burger?

Sunday 9|8c

Two chefs must get creative when they're handed either peels or skinless potatoes to make potato skins. Then one chef goes island style when forced to harvest water from coconuts to make pad thai. Finally, a surprise party in the kitchen sends one chef searching for the right gift to complete his or her cake.

Sunday 10|9c

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