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For the first time in Cutthroat Kitchen history, Alton Brown welcomed four of the "wickedest winners" back to the contest to see who among them could uphold their victorious records and outcook their competition yet again. After claiming wins in Season 1, Chefs Brian, Charles, Frankie and Gwen took their places at their workstations, confident that they would be able to keep up with their newest culinary rivals — but ultimately only one proved his or her staying power.

After three hard-fought rounds that found him making impromptu drinks for Alton, cooking in bed and deep-frying bread pudding, Chef Brian claimed a second Cutthroat win. Jet told Alton on the host's After-Show that Chef Brian's cocktail-concoction sabotage was "a giant time killer," but it was surely not as wow-worthy as his Round 2 challenge, which forced him to prepare a breakfast burrito in bed atop a small cook station. "Are you kidding me?" Jet asked Alton with a smile when he saw the bed rolled in the kitchen.

In true Cutthroat fashion, however, Chef Brian recovered from this doozy of a sabotage and survived to offer a deep-fried bread pudding in Round 3 that Jet said "totally worked." He told Alton, "I questioned [Chef Brian] on ingredients, and he says, 'Look, everything that's in a bread pudding is in there.' … Even if he fried it, [his dish] still was a bread pudding," Jet added.

Click the play button on the video above to hear from Jet and Alton, and see more of Chef Brian's journey to a second win.

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