Restaurant Revisited: Bummed Out at Bumbinos Italian Ristorante

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This week, at Bumbinos Italian Ristorante, the problems with which   Robert Irvine had to contend went beyond the usual bland decor and kitchen filth this week. The negative interpersonal relationships at this Orange City, Fla., eatery were causing so much screaming among employees and owner Terry Gardner that it was driving away customers. With just two days to work and a budget of just $10,000, Robert Irvine and his Restaurant: Impossible team addressed the staff's issues and overhauled the interior and menu at Bumbinos to ultimately give the business a second chance at success. Read on below to get an exclusive update from Terry.

"The first two weeks after the show, we increased approximately 35 percent," Terry said. She added that both she and the diners have been wowed by the updates in design. "They are loving the lights and the tile. Favorite elements would be the closing of the pizza area, the chandelier and the tile wall."

In terms of the food at Bumbinos, Terry explains, "I love the new menu. I plan on keeping it." Diners have taken well to the "new salads [and] broccoli rabe," according to her. The back-of-the-house staff remains largely the same, as Terry says that "Willie is still the chef; Cappy is still the pizza man." She adds of her son, "Willie is creative, making specials. He now takes the time to go to the tables and ask how the customers are enjoying his dishes."

Terry promises that yelling no longer impacts diners' experiences, and she adds that being on the show "is slowing strengthening" the dynamic between her and Willie. And "Cappy and I seem to laugh a little more at each other rather than fight," she adds. "I think with him being happy at the new pizza station, he has a better attitude."

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