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Home cooks from across the country came to compete in America's Best Cook. In the premiere, 16 contestants fought to gain only eight spots, two cooks per regional team. Now after five weeks of cooking battles, the competition has been halved to the final four. These very talented home cooks have shown they're the best, but there can be only one winner.

In the finale, round by round, one home cook will be eliminated until the single best home cook is named the winner and awarded the $50,000 prize. You'll have to watch this Sunday at 9|8c to find out who wins. But until then, show your support for your favorite competitor in the America's Best Cook Fan Vote.

Watch an exclusive clip of the finale below to see the competitors find out what awaits them.

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Peppers Spice Up the Finale 03:11

The final four's first challenge: cooking peppers for a guest judge.

Only three teams remain. Team North, led by Michael Symon, still has its original two members, Stephanie and Marc. Stephanie, a social worker, loves to help people and gets great pleasure from cooking for others. Marc has always wanted to be a chef, so winning the competition for him would mean getting closer to realizing his dream. Team South, led by Cat Cora, has Ben, a financial adviser who loves to cook on the weekends but wants to prove it's more than just a hobby. Team East, led by Alex Guarnaschelli, has Christina, a mom who wants to show her daughters it's possible to do anything you set your mind to.

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