Flavortown Market Fun Facts [Video]

Flavortown Market Fun Facts 01:21

Get an inside look at Flavortown Market, built expressly for Grocery Games.

Did you know Flavortown Market is a fully operational grocery store packed with more than 20,000 items? Click play on the video above to get an inside look at the market (which took the team just two weeks to set up), built expressly for Guy's Grocery Games (Sundays at 8|7c).

And what does the culinary team on the set of Guy's Grocery Games do with all that leftover food each week? The team worked diligently to maintain a recycling program for waste management. Crew members always got to take home items that may be on the way out, but most of the products went to a local farmer, local food banks and charities.

The farmer composted everything — including meat, produce and dairy.

The culinary team also gave to local organizations: The Redwood Empire Food bank, Worth our Weight and Doug the Farmer. There was almost zero waste, as everything was recycled, composted or eaten. And because the show was shot in Santa Rosa, Calif., these local organizations would pick products up daily.

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