Regional Foods Face-Off — Announcing the America’s Best Cook Bracket Challenge Winner

Among the many things that define the United States, foods are at the top of that list with a specialty for every region. In the past five weeks, FN Dish has had you, the fans, vote on your favorite regional dishes to celebrate the series America’s Best Cook, airing Sundays at 9|8c. On the show, home cooks from the four corners of the country are mentored by Food Network chefs and battle it out for a chance at winning the title of best cook.

This bracket challenge began with 16 dishes that you voted on, and round by round, the dishes were narrowed down until just two dishes remained: tacos and barbecue, basically West vs. South. Today, FN Dish is revealing your winner.

Congratulations, barbecue! You are the pride of the South. If you think about it, what's more American than barbecue? It was born and bred in the United States. And even though there are different types of barbecuing methods, preparations and sauces, which are very often hotly contested between states, at the end of the day it's easy to bring together a crowd of family and friends when there's a barbecue nearby. And with summer just around the corner, it's time to pull out those grills and dust off those barbecue pits because grilling season is ahead!

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