What to Watch: Travel with Guy to Find the Best Grilled Meats and Learn Steakhouse Secrets with Bobby

By: Nikhita Mahtani
Barbecue Addiction: Bobby's Basics

Photo by: Liz Ligon ©Liz Ligon

Liz Ligon, Liz Ligon

It's grilling season on Food Network, and your favorite hosts are getting ready for a summer of outdoor fun.

On Saturday, check out new episodes of Farmhouse Rules and The Kitchen. Nancy's bringing in the food for bingo night at her community rec center, and the hosts of The Kitchen are cooking up some delicious rotisserie chicken. Next, Guy goes on a hunt to find the greatest grilled meats in the country on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

On Sunday, Bobby unveils his grilling secrets on a new series called Barbecue Addiction: Bobby's Basics and Guy invites his pal Jimmy John to create a flavorful fried fish sandwich on Guy's Big Bite. Next, tune in to three hours of all-new competition with Guy's Grocery Games, Food Network Star and Cutthroat Kitchen.

Nancy is meeting some of her friends down at the community rec center for bingo night, and it's her turn to bring the food. Nancy stops by her local greenhouse to get some fresh veggies from her friend Tom to make a light and delicious Farro Salad with Radishes, Arugula and Feta to go along with a pork loin and corn chowder. Nancy is sure the girls are going to just love her Braided Strawberry Tart for dessert.

Saturday 10:30a|9:30c

The hosts of The Kitchen are paying it forward for their crew with some delicious fire-roasted chicken. Katie remakes hot dogs with her Leftover L'Oven. The gang is testing out the latest kitchen gadgets to see if they're a Tech-Yes or Tech-No. Talk-show queen Wendy Williams visits The Kitchen to dish about celebrity "shelfies" while Jeff Mauro makes her a Forbidden Bite. It's 5 'o' clock somewhere and Geoffrey Zakarian creates a refreshing beer cocktail.

Saturday 11a|10c

Guy has traveled far and wide in the ol' Camaro, hitting up a tasty variety of butchers, barbecue masters and grilling greats. In this one-hour DDD special, he'll relive some of the most incredible dishes ever created over flames and inside smokers. He's hitting everything from all-American burgers in Tampa, to smoked deli meats in Toronto, to octopus and jerk chicken all the way in Hawaii. And a grilling road trip this stacked wouldn't be complete without a trip to Texas for some classic 'cue. Tuck a napkin into your collar and dig in; this meat spectacular will have you hankerin' for seconds.

Saturday 10|9c

Chef Bobby Flay reveals how to bring an elegant steakhouse experience to your backyard using simple techniques and staple ingredients. He reveals his unique method for grilling juicy Rib-Eye Steak with ease. Plus, Bobby whips up some crisp Grilled Potatoes with a Mustard-Garlic Dressing and charred Broccoli Rabe with a Red Pepper Relish. And, to drink, he makes a bubbly grape cocktail.

Sunday 11a|10c

Guy Fieri invites his pal, sandwich guru Jimmy John, over to hang out and share cooking tips that Jimmy's picked up over his years in the restaurant industry. Recipes include Jimmy's Fried Fish Sandwich and Jimmy's Grandma's Tomato Sauce with Bucatini — both are proof that with good ingredients and the right technique, you can take every day dishes from good to great. To drink, Guy keeps the pair hydrated with a Southern Peach Mint Julep.

Sunday 11:30a|10:30c

In the Red Light Special, the chefs get inventive by incorporating marshmallows into their hearty lunch. Next, the chefs get worked up in a fiesta frenzy as they try to make taco night out of Guy's Grocery List. Finally, the two chefs remaining make a family favorite using One Ingredient per Aisle.

Sunday 8|7c

Today's Food Network Stars must have a multiplatform presence. In the Mentor Challenge, Bobby Flay tests the social-media acumen of the finalists by having them each create a behind-the-scenes video selfie in the Food Star Kitchen. For the Star Challenge, the finalists are teamed up to make an Internet marketing video for a Hershey's candy product. The videos are shot at YouTube's soundstages and judged by two YouTube executives. Whose video will have the judges wanting to hit "forward," and whose will get them "deleted" from the competition?

Sunday 9|8c

A cocky chef is thrown under the culinary bus when an old breakfast buffet replaces his gourmet basket. Then one chef scratches her head trying to cook an authentic Pasta Bolognese in an Italian espresso pot. Finally, someone loses his or her milk products in exchange for a cow while making Tres Leches cake.

Sunday 10|9c

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