Bobby Speaks Out: His Advice to Battle Rivals and His Culinary Weak Spots

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Beat Bobby Flay

Photo by: David Lang ©2013, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

David Lang, 2013, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Between Iron Chef America, Throwdown and the premiere season of Beat Bobby Flay, Bobby Flay has faced his share of culinary competitors. He's no stranger to the demands of heated battles and knows what it takes to succeed in a pressure-packed arena. But, after all, as the goal of Beat Bobby Flay is to find a rival who can take him down, there's no shortage of chefs ready to try their hands — and recipes — against those of the famed Iron Chef. FN Dish caught up with Bobby on the set of Beat Bobby Flay to learn his advice to his future competitors and what he thinks they ought to do to succeed. Read on below to hear what he had to say and find out what he revealed to be his culinary weak points.

What advice would you give a competitor preparing to battle you for the first time?

Bobby Flay: My advice would be … to challenge me to a dish that they're really well-versed in, because the lights, the cameras and the action are going to be an obstacle that they probably don't think is going to be a big deal, but it is.

FN Dish has been asking all of the special guests — your friends and colleagues — what they think it takes to beat you, but we want to hear it from you, too. What should finalists do to have a chance at taking you down?

BF: They have to bring flavor, because if it's well-executed and it's not really bursting with flavor, I'm probably going to overwhelm them.

What do you consider to be your weak spots in the kitchen — if you have any?

BF: Anything with butter, sugar, flour and eggs. Anything that consists of a dough.

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